The Doctor

dr sanfordDr. Richard Sanford, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Sanford began his early career determining his future ambition. He spent long hours researching the various health care professions. His desire to help sick people regain and maintain there health was of prime importance. He finally decided on a career...Chiropractic... "help sick people get well and more importantly keep them well." Find the cause and eliminate it so the body maybe able to heal itself without the possibility of needing drugs/medication or further influences.

His career path first began in St.Louis, MO. at the premier College of Chiropractic ...Logan College of Chiropractic. His studies concluded with a lengthy research study along with various fellow Chiropractic students to document the POSITIVE effects of reducing blood pressure with Chiropractic treatment.

He was graduated from Chiropractic College in 1982. He then came back to the Northeast to begin his career. Licensed in both New York and New Jersey.... he decided on Monmouth County.

Now ...35 years later in private practice in Middletown... his ambition and drive to want to help local patients to achieve optimal health has grown with each day.

His practice over the years has evolved FOCUSING on helping numerous patients/families (both young and old) stabilize, correct and strengthen their weakened spines to a more stronger, energetic and pain-free lifestyle. His motto "Correct the cause... just don't cover it up with a drug/shot/patch/ lotion".... Let the body heal itself without all the nonsense of those round bottles promising instant relief. Health comes from WITHIN just have no interference from the nervous system.

"Only a highly skilled Chiropractor can determine if your a Chiropractic patient". Trust the only spine you'll ever have (irreplaceable)...... in the hands of an expert .